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Orientation Days


Fellows Orientation Schedule

The meeting will take place at the IIAS, Feldman Bldg., Room 128, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Edmond J. Safra Campus, Givat Ram

Day 1 – Tuesday September 4, 2017

9:00 AM              Meet in Room 128. During registration, you will receive your office key, IIAS Fellow card, IIAS directory, Annual Report, etc.

9:15 AM               Meeting with Administrative Director Iris Avivi

9:45 AM               Meeting with Director, Itzik Chen

10:00 AM            Tour of the building with Efrat Shvily

10:15 AM            Break and getting settled in your office

11:00 AM            Guided Campus Tour*

12:30 PM            Lunch at the IIAS dining room*

13:30 PM            Guided Library Visit*

14:35 PM            Observation points tour around Jerusalem with Shaya Gafni (families are invited)

18:10 PM            End of Orientation Day

* Spouses/partners are invited to join


Day 2 – Wednesday September 5, 2017

10:30                    Meet in IIAS lobby for the bus to Mt. Scopus

11:00                    Tour of Mt. Scopus campus and the botanical garden

12:30                    Lunch at the Maiersdorf Faculty Club

13:30                    Tour of Mt. Scopus library

14:00                    Meet and load bus back to Givat Ram

14:30                    Arrive back at Givat Ram