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The 2018 Michael Bruno Memorial Award: An open call for nominations

The Israel Institute for Advanced Studies hereby invites all full professors (current or emeritus) at Israeli research universities to nominate candidates for the Michael Bruno Memorial Award for young scholars.


The Award was created in honor of the late Professor Michael Bruno, a pioneering economics scholar and the former President of the Bank of Israel. Each year, the Israel Institute for Advanced Studies (IIAS) selects up to three outstanding and talented Israeli scholars (under the age of 50) to receive the award. We are looking for exceptional candidates who are engaged in innovative and creative research and who display leadership potential. The Michael Bruno Memorial Award considers scholars from all disciplines of academia. Candidates should be active researchers at one of Israel’s research universities.

A list of past recipients of the award can be found here.


Inquiries may be directed to the IIAS office at; tel. 02-6586931


About the Award


The Awards have been granted annually since 1999. A total of 56 researchers have received this prestigious prize to date.


As of 2012, the IIAS is responsible for the nomination and selection processes. Each Award consists of a $45,000 personal grant for unrestricted use by the Bruno awardee. In addition, awardees receive a $50,000 grant to be used in pursuit of their research agenda in collaboration with the IIAS.


Who can nominate Bruno candidates?


The nominator must be a full professor or professor emeritus from any Israeli research university. Each nominator may nominate only one candidate. No self-nominations will be accepted.


Candidate eligibility


Eligibility is limited to faculty of Israeli academic institutions. Candidates must be under 50 years of age as of February 15, 2018.


Nomination process


The nomination deadline is January 4, 2018. Completion of the nomination submission on time will be greatly appreciated.


The nomination application is completed online and in English here.


All application materials should be in English.


In the online form you will be asked to enter the following details:

  1. The nominee’s personal information: full name, date of birth, affiliation.
  2. Short presentation of your reasons for nominating the candidate (maximum 150 words).
  3. Description of your relationship to the candidate, including comments pertaining to any potential conflicts of interest.
  4. A list of the candidate's three most significant publications, including a full reference for each publication.
  5. A list of 3-5 international experts in the candidate’s field and their contact information.


In addition to the above, you will be asked to provide the following documents:

  1. The candidate’s professional CV, including no more than 10 of their most important research publications.
  2. A letter, written by you, recommending the candidate (limited to 750 words). Please address the following points:
  • Explain the reasons you believe the candidate is deserving of the Bruno Award
  • Describe your view of the candidate’s impact on the relevant research field (past and future) and potential for unique contributions.
  1. A letter from any additional faculty member in Israel (need not be full professor).


Incomplete applications will not be considered.


The Selection process


The selection committee is comprised of the IIAS Board of Directors and the IIAS Director.


The selection is completed in two phases: first, the list of candidates will be narrowed to a short-list. Second, each candidate on the short-list will be evaluated with the help of detailed letters from at least four international experts.


The IIAS Board of Directors is also responsible for approving the use of grant money associated with the Award.




January 4, 2018       Deadline for submission of the nomination application
May 1, 2018             All materials from international experts are finalized
June 30, 2018          Announcement of the 2018 Bruno Award winners
January 2019           The Michael Bruno Memorial Awards Ceremony