Studying Human Evolution from Ancient DNA

Event date: May 17 - May 20, 2015

    Liran Carmel (The Hebrew University)
    Gila Kahila Bar-Gal (The Hebrew University)


    Paleogenomics is an emerging field of studying DNA from ancient, archaeological and museum specimens such as bones, teeth, feces, hair, and skin. Rapid technological advances in recent years years have created an opportunity to sequence ancient DNA sequences at a quality that rivals that of modern samples.

    These include archaic humans, domesticated animals and plants, and pathogens.


    These achievements allow to recruit the powerful tools of genomic analysis to study recent human evolution at an unprecedented detail. This task requires combining many scientific disciplines including molecular evolution, physical anthropology, archaeology, paleontology, human anatomy, genetics, history, geography, and cognitive sciences. The intention of this workshop is to bring toghether researchers from all these disciplines, and encourage future collaborations in this field.


    List of Speakers

    Dan BradleyTrinity College Dublin
    Elyashiv DroriUniversity of Ariel
    Yigal ErelThe Hebrew University
    Suheir EreqatAl-Quds university
    Marina FaermanThe Hebrew University
    Israel FinkelsteinTel Aviv University
    Cristina GambaUniversity of Copenhagen
    Chuck GreenblattThe Hebrew University
    Eran HalperinTel Aviv University
    Israel HershkovitzTel Aviv University
    Naama Goren-InbarThe Hebrew University
    Mattias  JakobssonUppsala University
    Johannes KrauseUniversity of Tuebingen
    Ben Krause-KyoraChristian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel
    Hila MayTel Aviv University
    Meirav MeiriTel Aviv University
    Almut NebelChristian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel
    Rasmus NielsenUC Berkeley
    Loduvic OrlandoUniversity of Copenhagen
    Carla OzIsrael Police
    Mark Pallen University of  Warwick
    Clio Der SarkissianUniversity of Copenhagen
    Daniel ShouvalThe Hebrew  University
    Mark SpigelmanThe Hebrew  University
    Steve WeinerWeizmann Institute
    Albert R. ZinkEURAC – Institute for Mummies and the Iceman