Open Call - Apply for a Research Group.

Call for Proposals for Research Groups at the IIAS


The Israel Institute for Advanced Studies (IIAS) is a center for intellectual inquiry that supports collaborative research groups (RGs). The essence of the RGs is the curiosity-driven research in all academic fields covering mathematics, natural sciences, social sciences and the humanities. RGs are selected to expand the boundaries of current knowledge by introducing new methodologies, promoting original thinking and exploring new ideas. 


Each Collaborative Research Groups (RGs) hosts a group of scholars from Israel and abroad who convene in residency at the IIAS in Jerusalem. The IIAS provides a nurturing, stimulating academic environment for reaching academic excellence in all research disciplines.


The goal of the RG selection is to bring together a diverse group of scholars that are engage is a research question that is expected to benefit from an integrative thinking and a rich dialogue among scholars. RGs are expected to expand individual fellows’ research. Interdisciplinarity and cross-fertilization with genuine complementarity of scholarships are considered.


The IIAS is open to RG applications from scholars in all countries and all disciplines. The expectation is that the RG period of residence will result in creative and original research that will be shared with the international research communities.


Research Groups Application Information 2018-2019
Research Groups Application Information 2019-2020