The First Canada-Israel Autism (ASD) Research Symposium

Event date: March 1 - March 4, 2014

    Asher Ornoy (The Hebrew University)
    Abraham Fainsod (The Hebrew University)
    Connie Putterman (Toronto: Canadian Friends of The Hebrew University)
    Lonnie Zwaigenbaum (University of Alberta, Canada)



    The Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders Research Hub at the Institute for Medical Research Israel-Canada and the Canadian Friends of The Hebrew University Invite you to the First Canada-Israel Autism (ASD) Research Symposium, To be held at the Institute for Advanced Studies, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Givat Ram  Jerusalem, Israel.  Saturday Evening March 1st until Tuesday March 4, 2014

    The event will bring together researchers in autism and in specialized areas as they relate to autism from Israel, Canada and North America.  It will create opportunities for presentations, round table discussions, tours both on and off campus and informal gatherings.

    Symposium Agenda:


    Sunday and Monday: Research Symposia, short communications and posters

    Tuesday:  A full day presenting research and clinical data, open to clinicians and parents


    • To create and foster partnerships in autism research between Canadian, American and Israeli researchers
    • To highlight expertise in both countries that address needs for research and affect treatment outcomes
    • To bring to those interested in Autism updated clinical and research knowledge

              There will be 5 symposia, a poster session and short communications session

              Symposia Topics will include:

    • Genetics and Epigenetics of ASD
    • Prenatal Causes of ASD
    • Lessons for ASD from other neurobehavioral disorders
    • Epidemiology
    • Early diagnosis and assessment of treatment outcomes


    The last two symposia will be presented on Tuesday March 4th


    • Registration fees for all 3 days: 140 US Dollars  (500 Israeli Shekel)
    • Registration for the first two days [March 2-3] of the conference, not including the third  day is $110 (NIS 400 ) including banquet
    • Registration for the first two days [March 2-3] of the conference, not including the third  day is $83 (NIS 300 )NOT including banquet
    • Third day registration only: 100 Israeli Shekel.
      Diagnosis and Treatment of ASD: What is New?
        NIS 100
    • Hadassah and HUJI workers (NIS 250 for 3 days )
    • HUJI students (NIS 50 for 3 days )
    • Registration fees cover the lectures, abstracts book, coffee breaks and lunch
    • Please register on line and submit your payment to:  


    Abstracts also may be sent to Asher Ornoy, Department of Medical Neurobiology, Hebrew University Hadassah Medical School, Jerusalem, Israel



    The abstracts should be single space, up to 300 words; abstract title, authors and affiliation should be typed continuously (no extra lines); leave one line space from the abstract text. Abstract should be submitted no later than December 15, 2013.

                The first two days of the symposium are limited to 100 participants

    Registration on line at symposium              Registration deadline is February 10, 2014



    Prof. Asher Ornoy

    Chairman of the Scientific committee