Arithmetic & Dynamics

Sept. 15, 2013 - February 15, 2014


During the research group's stay at the IIAS, there will be two events:

October 13-17, 2013 - a conference titled "Homogeneous Dynamics,
Unipotent Flows, and Applications"
, In honor of Marina Ratner and her work

December 11-19, 2013 - an Advanced School in the Midrasha Mathematicae series, titled "L-Functions, Spectra and Equidistribution" .


The research group is receiving some funding from the European Research Council (ERC) .


Group Seminars:

DateTimeSpeakertitle (click for the abstract)location



Manfred Einsiedler

Effective Equidistribution and Spectral gap

  Eilat Hall (third floor), IIAS



Zeev Rudnick

Chowla's conjecture and beyond (for function fields)

3/11/201313:30-14:30Erez LapidAnalytic aspects of automorphic formsMath 110
5/11/201314:00-15:30Alex GorodnikMixed Littlewood conjecture and generalisationsRoom 130, IIAS
10/11/1201311:00-12:00Steve LesterDetecting critical zeros of the Riemann zeta-functionRoom 130, IIAS
11/11/201311:00-13:00Rom PinchasiOn the union of arithmetic progressionsMath 209
12/11/201314:00-15:30Manfred EinsiedlerJoinings of actions of higher rank abelian groupsRoom 130, IIAS
14/11/201310:45Omer TamuzStabilizer Rigidity in Irreducible Group ActionsMath 209
17/11/201311:00Manfred EinsiedlerTwo applications of rigidity of higher rank actions in number theoryRoom 130, IIAS
19/11/201314:00Jean Francois QuintCentral limit theorem for linear groupsRoom 130, IIAS
24/11/201311:00Michael LarsenInfinite rank elliptic curves and Galois groupsRoom 130, IIAS
26/11/201315:00Zhiren WangMulti-invariant measures and subsets on nilmanifoldsRoom 130, IIAS
1/12/201311:00Alexei EntinThe distribution of low-lying zeroes of L-functionsRoom 130, IIAS
8/12/201311:00Jonathan PilaDiophantine problems around atypical intersectionsMathematics Building, Room 110
24/12/201314:00Barak WeissHorocycle invariant measures in the moduli space of translation surfacesRoom 130, IIAS
31/12/201311:30Jianya LiuSarnak's disjointness conjecture for distal flowsMath 223B
31/12/201314:00Nicolas de SaxcéA Product Theorem in simple Lie groupsMathematics Building, Lecture Hall 2
7/01/201414:00Corrina UlcigraiLagrange spectra for translation surfacesMathematics Building, Lecture Hall 2
12/01/201413:00Atsushi IchinoThe Gross-Prasad conjecture and local theta correspondenceMathematics Building, Room 110
14/01/201414:00Uri ShapiraEscape of mass for measures invariant under the diagonal groupMathematics Building, Lecture Hall 2
19/01/201411:00Laurent ClozelThe real existence of the symmetric powers S^n of a
modular form (n=5,6,7,8)
IIAS room 130
21/01/201414:00Peter SarnakTopologies of nodal sets of random band limited functionsMathematics Building, Lecture Hall 2