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How to Apply to a Conference/Workshop

General Information


Scholars and scientists from academic institutions in Israel and abroad are invited to submit a proposal for a conference to be sponsored and hosted at the IIAS. All research topics and fields of study are eligible.

As of 2015 the IIAS policy is to hold as minimum a number of conferences and workshops.  Most suppoted conferences are related to the activity of the Research Groups in residence. 

The duration of each conference is approximately two to six days. All proposals are reviewed and evaluated by the IIAS Academic Committees.


Important! Reserve your conference dates with the IIAS prior to submitting an application. Unscheduled conference will not be considered during the application process. To do so please contact Ms. Iris Avivi, Administrative Director at or 02-6586932.

Conference Guidelines

  • We encourage international conferences with interdisciplinary research and with topics of special interest to Israeli academia and society.
  • We encourage the scheduling of one day during your conference which will be an “open day” for the academic community/public/students, when appropriate.
  • We encourage workshops on topics that may evolve as Research Groups applications.
  • We are less inclined to approve highly specialized conferences or conferences that are part of an ongoing series or topics which have received support in recent years.
  • As a rule, our conferences/workshops will take place at the IIAS, Jerusalem. It is possible to hold up to a third of the conference length in another academic location. All special requests should be presented to the IIAS Director.


The IIAS will support conferences which are held Sunday-Thursday. We cannot accommodate conferences that are held on the weekend (Friday-Saturday)or main holidays.


Conferences may be co-funded with the Israel Science Foundation (ISF) or by the IIAS only. Applications are received for conferences scheduled for October 1,2017 until July 30, 2018.


Application for Co-Funding through the ISF


To apply for a co-funding see the ISF website at HERE . In these cases, for administrative purposes, please fill out a short form HERE. There is no need to submit a full application to the IIAS. The maximal funding of the IIAS is as provided by the ISF (up to NIS 70,000).


Application for IIAS Funding Only


Application begins on September 1, 2016. Application Deadline: December 6, 2016

The maximal funding for conferences which have been approved by the IIAS academic committee is NIS 70,000 (conference administrative services fee will be deducted).


The Application Process

The application process includes filling out an online form (see below) and Uploading the following documents:

  1. The Conference Application. See HERE.
  2. Organizer/s Biosketch. See HERE
  3. Additional Information

To apply click HERE

Submission Deadline: December 6, 2016 (midnight).


Conferences Application Timeline


Members are welcome to consult with the IIAS on academic and administrative issues prior to submission of a final application.

1 September    The beginning of the application period

6 Dec 2016      Final conference application submission

1 April 2017    Decisions sent to applicants. Organizers of conferences which have been approved by the IIAS committee will receive information on moving forward.


Additional Sources of Funding

We encourage all applicants to seek additional sources of funding.

Note: IIAS conferences are not supported by Hebrew University Research and Development department.