Inelastic Reaction in Light Nuclei

Event date: October 6 - October 10, 2013

    Nir Barnea (The Hebrew University)
    Avraham Gal (The Hebrew University)
    Winfried Leidemann (University of Trento, Italy)



    In this workshop we plan to bring together researchers studying the dynamical properties of light nuclei and other few-body hadronic systems.
    The aims of the workshop are to (i) identify the most significant observables needed to pin down the nuclear Hamiltonian and currents, (ii) promote theoretical support for low-energy experiments, such as electron-neutrino correlations in nuclear beta decay, that aim to test the standard model, (iii) review the possible paths to extend ab-initio calculations to heavier systems, (iv) explore the manifestation of universality in electromagnetic few-body reactions, and in nuclear short range correlations, and (v) discuss applications of successful few-nucleon techniques to other few-body systems including hyperons and/or mesons, and to studies of cold atoms.