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Jerusalem Winter Academy in the Humanities

Analayzing Collapse: Destruction, Abandonment and Memory

Event date: December 9 - December 15, 2012

    Ronnie Ellenblum (The Hebrew Univeristy of Jerusalem)
    Gideon Shelach (The Hebrew Univeristy of Jerusalem)
    Nili Wazana (The Hebrew Univeristy of Jerusalem)
    Sharon Zuckerman (The Hebrew Univeristy of Jerusalem)




    Gideon Shelach 

    A short introduction to the film "Farewell My Concubine" 

    Ronnie Ellenblum

    A Walk Through the Destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans

    Norman Yoffee

    The Evolution of Fragility  

    Israel Finkelstein and Dafna Langgut

    New Evidence on the Collapse of the Egypto-Canaanite System in the Levant at the End of the Late Bronze Age and on the Recovery in the Iron I 

    Michael McCormick

    What Really Happened with Rome? Thinking about Collapse, Decline, Fall and Historical Understanding

    Miroslav Bárta

    The Demise of the Egyptian Old Kingdom: 2200 B.C.

    Joseph Maran

    Monuments and Social Memory Before and After the Demise of the Mycenaean Palaces

    Yuri Pines

    The Political Resilience of the Chinese Empire

    Bryan Ward-Perkins

    Why Has it Been Possible to Ignore the Collapse that Happened at the End of the Roman Empire?

    Miriam Stark

     Political Cycling in Southeast Asia’s Classical States

    Ari Daniel Levine

     Dream Records of the Eastern Capital – Song Dynasty Kaifeng, Diasporic Nostalgia, and Reconstructed Memories

    Hugh Kennedy

    The Decline and Fall of the Abbasid Caliphate in the Tenth Century

    Michal Biran

     The Fall and Rise of  Baghdad Under Mongol Rule - Between History and Memory

    Jodi Magness

    Did Galilean Jewish Settlement Collapse in the Mid-Fourth Century C.E.?

    Margalit Finkelberg

    Immortalized in Destruction – The Fall of Troy in Greco-Roman Tradition

    Sarah Morris

    Cities of Memory in Monuments and Narrative – Troy, Mycenae and the Afterlife of the Aegean Bronze Age

    Peter Machinist

    The Collapse of Nineveh: Reality and Symbol

    Nili Wazana

    The Real and Imagined Destruction of the Canaanite Cities

    Yochanan Kushnir

    Climate Teleconnections - What They Are, Their Impact, and Cause

    Ofer Bar Yosef

    Climate Change and Societal Transformations in Prehistory

    Yehuda Enzel

    Modern Extreme Events as Guides to Past Climatic Conditions

    The Hebrew University, in conjunction with the Jerusalem Institute of Advanced Studies and the Scholion Research Center, is delighted to announce the inauguration of its Winter Academy. The workshop – which will take place December 10th to December 16th, 2012 in Jerusalem – will be an exciting interdisciplinary exploration titled ‘Analyzing Collapse: Destruction, Collapse and Memory.’ The Academy will feature sessions and talks by leading scholars in fields such as archaeology, geography, climatology, anthropology, history and classical studies along with field-trips to some of the most important ‘collapse’ sites in Israel, such as Jerusalem, Hazor, Bet Shean, and the ancient cities of the Negev


    Following is a link to the Academy's website: