New Work in Political Philosophy

Event date: May 24 - May 26, 2016

    David Enoch (The Hebrew University)
    Niko Kolodny (UC Berkeley)


    Political philosophy in the (broadly speaking) analytic tradition is at a transitional stage – the dominance of a certain, Rawlsian way of going about it seems to be in decline, and analytic legal philosophers are engaging new questions, as well as re-engaging old ones, from different perspectives, with different underlying philosophical and other commitments, sometimes while relying on different methodologies (and neighboring disciplines). Also, the field is starting to see – perhaps more than in past decades – renewed interest in political philosophy among philosophers who have established themselves in other philosophical subdisciplines. The purpose of this conference is to bring some of these philosophers interested in political philosophy together, to have them present new work in political philosophy, and to engage each other.