Patterns and Processes in Organizational Networks


September 1, 2012- February 1, 2013


Group Coordinators:


Yuval Kalish (Tel Aviv University)

Amalya Oliver-Lumerman (The Hebrew University)




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Group Seminars:


The seminars will take place at 14:00-15:30 in room 128 at the IAS.


24.10.2012Leonid BakmanToward Strategic STI Policy
7.10.2012Natasa GoloAnalysis of a large network of Italian firms connected by trade credit relationships.
14.11.2012Jacob GoldenbergInvisible No More
21.11.2012Yair NeumanFinding Themes in Textual Data: From Group Dynamics to Military Cultural Intelligence
28.11.2012Terry AmburgeyHeterogeneous Diffusion Models
12.12.2012Shlomo HavlinFrom single network to network of networks
17.12.2012Mark EbersHow Can We Explain the Allocation of Specific Investments between Buyer and Supplier?
26.12.2012Joel BaumA network perspective on Open Source Software development
9.1.2013Muli Ellis