School in Humanities: Jews on the Move

Translocations, Transmissions & Transformations in Jewish Culture

Event date: July 5 - July 9, 2015

    Elisheva Baumgarten (The Hebrew University)
    Steven P. Weitzman (University of Pennsylvania)



    Ra‘anan Boustan

    (1) To Heaven and Back Again: From Personal Journey to Communal Responsibility

    (2) The City of Rome as a Jewish Pilgrimage Destination

    Tobias Brinkmann

    (1) Mary Antin’s Journey to America

    (2) Jewish Migration: A Normal or Exceptional Phenomenon?

    Ilana PardesWalking from Holocaust to Redemption: Israeli Civil Religious Pilgrimage(Part II)
    Andrea Schatz

    (1) Sovereign Jews: Medieval Travel Narratives in the Modern Political Imagination

    (2) At the Centre and in the World: A Letter from Jerusalem

    Vivian LiskaJewish Exile as Experience and Metaphor in Modern Thought
    Debra KaplanMigration and Space: Life in the Countryside in Early Modern Germany
    Jackie Feldman

    (1) How Guiding Christians Made Me Israeli

    (2) Walking from Holocaust to Redemption: Israeli Civil Religious Pilgrimage (Part I)

    Steve Weitzman and Elisheva BaumgartenJewish Studies Across Geographical Boundaries
    Michael KramerThe Jewish American Imagination: Four Centuries, Four Models
    Galit Hasan-RokemTraveling Knowledge: Transformations of the Wandering Jew Tradition
    Boaz Huss"Jewish Mysticism": Transmission of an Idea and the Reconstruction of Traditions
    Eran Riklis (film director)A Personal Cinematic Journey into Israeli Identity and Complexity


    Throughout recorded Jewish history, from antiquity to the present, Jews have relocated as immigrants, refugees, and travelers, and various kinds of movement - exile, migration, pilgrimage, peddling—have shaped Jewish history and culture. “Jews on the Move” is an intensive week-long graduate level program in Jerusalem that will explore the history and cultural implications of these kinds of movement in Jewish experience from a variety of perspectives. Its aim is to bring graduate students together for an immersive experience in interdisciplinary Jewish studies and to expose them to innovative


    “Jews on the Move” is meant for graduate students throughout the various subfields of Jewish studies in the humanities and the social sciences, including students interested in various aspects of the Jewish past as well as those focused on present-day realities. It is designed to allow the students a chance to work with internationally recognized scholars as well as their peers from around the world.


    The program will be held at the Israel Institute for Advanced Studies at The Hebrew University, Edmond J. Safra campus, Givat Ram which is proximate to the National Library of Israel, whose rich collections includes the Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People as well as other archives and libraries. The School will include day trips in Jerusalem and its environs.