Dec. 7-12, 2014Jerusalem and the CrusadesReuven Amitai, Ronnie Ellenblum and Iris Shagrir

July 27-31, 2014

Quantum (and Classical) Physics with Non-Hermitian Operators (PHHQP13)


Yonatan Breuer and Joshua Feinberg
June 29- July  4, 2014Mobility and Transformations: New Directions in the Study of the Mongol Empire Michal Biran and Kim Hodong
June 16-18, 2014Research Group Conference - Chinese and Tibetan Esoteric BuddhismYael Bentor and Meir Shahar

June 8-12, 2014

Scripted Forms of Magic Knowledge – Grimoires in the Matrix of Western Cultures

Yuval Harari
May 25-29, 2014The Pentateuch within Biblical LiteratureJan Gertz, Konrad Schmid, Baruch J. Schwartz and Dalit Rom-Shiloni

May 20-22, 2014

Financial Modeling in Capital Markets

Rachel Shalom-Gilo, Zvi Wiener, Doron Avramov
March 16-21, 2014Toward the Proof of the Geometric Langlands Conjecture David Kazhdan
December 8-12, 2013Kant's Conception of Empirical KnowledgeIdo Geiger
November 17-20, 2013

Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor - Future Directions

Tony Burgess
Oct. 6-10, 2013Inelastic Reaction in Light NucleiNir Barnea
Sept.29, 2013-Oct.2,2013

IX Jakub K. Parnas Conference: Proteins from Birth to Death

Abdussalam Azem and Assaf Friedler

June 6 – 9, 2013Sensory Substitution, Brain Plasticity and Visual Rehabilitation
Amir Amedi and Shelly Levy-Tzedek
May 26-31, 2013
Banach Spaces : Geometry and AnalysisGideon Schectman, Tomek Szankowski and Benjamin Weiss
January 27-29, 2013Researching Policy Practice in Social Work: An International PerspectiveJohnny Gal and Idit Weiss Gal
January 6-10, 2013Social Anxiety, Response to Social Stress: From Basic Resarch to Evidence-Based InterventionsJonathan Huppert and Eva Gilboa-Schectman
Oct.28, 2012- Nov.1, 2012String Field Theory and Related Aspects V, SFT 2012Michael Kroyter, Yaron Oz, Jacob Sonnenschein, Adam Schwimmer and Oren Bergman
October 15-18, 2012Galaxy and Black Hole Evolution at High RedshiftAmiel Sternberg
September 3-7, 2012Forty Years of Black Hole ThermodynamicsBarak Kol, Re'em  Sari and Ofer Biham
July 16-20, 2012Molecular Electronics in Jerusalem, International MeetingAmnon Aharony, David Cahen, Yoseph Imry, Abraham Nitzan and Oren Tal
July 2-4, 2012On the Syntax and Semantics of Resumptive PronounsLuka Crnic and Ivy Sichel
June 11-13, 2012Sacrifice and Death in Modern Islam: History, Ethos and PoliticsMeir Hatina and Meir Litvak
May 29-31, 2012Personality in Israel: The Implications of Personality on Employee Reactions and Organizational Processes and OutcomesShaul Oreg, Yair Berson and Lilach Sagiv
May 1-6, 2012Ideology of Power and Power of Ideology in Early ChinaYuri Pines and Paul R. Goldin
February 19-23, 2012Models and Methods for Analysis of Lymphocyte Repertoire Generation, Development Selection and Evolution-2Ramit Mehr
February 1-8, 2012Third Indian-Israeli Meeting on String TheoryOfer Aharony
January 16-19, 2012On The Move: The Middle East and the : "First Modern Globalization" (1980-1940)Liat Kozma
October 23-27, 2011ICAZ FRWG 16th meeting: Fish and Fishing: Archaeological, Anthropological, Taphonomical and Ecological PerspectivesNaama Goren-Inbar