Ideology of Power and Power of Ideology in Early China

May 1-6, 2012

Event date: January 1


    List of Speakers

    Early China Panels

    Behr, Wolfgang

    University of Zurich

    Lexical means and illocutionary acts in Western Zhou political ideology

    Cheng, Anne

    Collège de France

    The Han construction of filial piety as ideological power

    Cook, Scott

    Grinnell College

    “The Changing Role of Minister in the Warring States: Evidence from the Yanzi Chunqiu 晏子春秋

    Defoort, Carine

    Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

    Mozi’s promotion of “inclusive care” revisited

    Gentz, Joachim

    University of Edinburgh

    The Construction of an Ideology of Power between Ritual and Morality in the Gongyang zhuan

    Goldin, Paul R.

    University of Pennsylvania

    The Emergence of Regional Identity during the Eastern Zhou Dynasty.

    Graziani Romain

    Institut Universitaire de France

    Ministers or Rulers? Han Fei's ideological battle against reality

    Kern, Martin

    Princeton University

    Uses of the Classics in Han Political Argument

    Liu Zehua

    Nankai University, Tianjin

    The supreme ideological authority as seen from the concept of “sagacious clear-sightedness of the Heavenly King”

    Luo Xinhui

    Beijing Normal University

    The Zhou concept of Mandate of Heaven as seen in the Chengwu (程寤) manuscript from the Qinghua bamboo slips collection

    Pines, Yuri


    Immobilized Emperor: “Dynastic Cycles” Revisited

    Puett, Michael

    Harvard University

    Humans, Gods, and Emperors: Visions of Rulership in Han China

    Richter, Matthias

    University of Colorado at Boulder

    How We Are Better, Why We Are Important From Shi Status Anxiety to Ru Ethics

    Sanft, CharlesUniversity of MuensterEffects and Side-Effects: Registration as a Medium for Mass Communication in EarlyImperial China
    Sato MasayukiTaiwan National University

    The Ruler Standing between theHeaven and Earth: A Study of the Concepts of the Way and Creative Power in the huangzi and the Xunzi

    Shelach GideonHUJIArtifacts and Power: Material Manifestations of the Ruler's Authority
    Sterckx, RoelCambridge UniversityAgriculture and ideology in early China

    The comparative panel

    Biran, Michal


    Charismatic Rulership in the Steppe Empires

    Sela, Ori


    "Gu Yanwu's Ideas on Rulership and their Nineteenth-Century Reception"

    Shillony Ben-Ami


    The Japanese Emperors: ChineseIdeology in Support of a DifferentStructure of Power

    Yakobson Alex


    Imperial power and republican tradition: constructive ambiguities inthe status of the first Roman Emperor