On Faces, Bodies and Voices: Multimodal Mechanism of Person Recognition

Event date: March 16 - March 19, 2015

    Galia Avidan (Ben-Gurion University)
    Hillel Aviezer (The Hebrew University)
    Tzvi Ganel (Ben-Gurion University)
    Galit Yovel (Tel Aviv University)


    Person recognition is a highly important skill for normal social functioning. To date, most of the research on this topic has focused on face processing, as faces convey rich information about a person, including their identity, age, gender and emotional state. Similar to faces, bodies and voices also convey information about a person's identity, gender, expression and age. Whereas in real life all are available to enable person recognition, bodies, voices and their interactions with faces have not been as extensively studied as faces. Interestingly, in the past decade, similar to faces, neural selectivity has been reported for bodies and for voices in both human and monkey brains. These findings have inspired further research on the mechanisms used for body or voice processing as well as their interactions with faces, which enables the generation of a rich and multimodal representation of a person.

    While the study of these multiple aspects of person recognition is only in its infancy, it is rapidly expanding. Thus, the goal of the workshop is to bring together leading scientists in this evolving field. This includes scientists who focus on face, body or voice recognition as well as the interaction among them by employing various methodological approaches including neuroimaging, behavioral, eye tracking and computational techniques in healthy individuals as well as in individuals with impaired person processing. In addition to discussing the mechanisms allowing person identification, the workshop will also focus on how people extract and interpret emotional and social information from these stimuli.


    List of Speakers:


    Galia AvidaBen-Gurion University
    Hillel AviezerThe Hebrew University
    Pascal BelinAix Marseille University
    Roberto CaldaraUniversity of Fribourg
    Paul DowningBangor University
    Brad DuchaineDartmouth University
    Winrich FreiwaldRockefeller University
    Tzvi GanelBen-Gurion University
    Isabel GauthierVanderblit University
    Guido GainottiUniversita Cattolica of Rome
    Ida GobbiniDartmouth College
    Kalanit Grill-SpectorStanford University
    James HaxbyDartmouth University
    Rutie KimchiUniversity of Haifa
    Rafi MalachWeizmann Institute
    Ruti MayoThe Hebrew University
    Morris Moscovitch University of Toronto
    Alice O'TooleUniversity of Dallas
    David PitcherNational Institute of Mental Health
    Bruno RossionUniversite Catholiqe de Louvain
    Stephen SchweinbergerJena University
    Alex TodorovPrinceton University
    Shimon UllmanWeizmann Institute
    Patrik VuilleumierUniversity of Geneva
    Lior WolfTel Aviv University
    Galit YovelTel Aviv University
    Udi ZoharyThe Hebrew University