Mobility and Transformations: New Directions in the Study of the Mongol Empire

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Sources of Amitai's lecture The Trade in Turkish and Tatar Slaves (Al-‘Umārī and Guillaume Adam)Amitai ReuvenAmitai-Umari, etc._1_4.pdf (145 KB)
Amitai, ReuvenAl-Nuwayri‏ as a Historian of the MongolsAmitai, Reuvenamitai_Al-Nuwayri‏.pdf (1124 KB)
Amitai, ReuvenNorthern Syria between the Mongols and Mamluks: Political boundary, military frontier and ethnic affinityAmitai, ReuvenAmitai_northern_syria.pdf (1496 KB)
Atwood, ChristopherExplaining Rituals and Writing History: Tactics against the Intermediate ClassAtwood, ChristopherAtwood Explaining.pdf (1297 KB)
Yokkaichi, YasuhiroThree Bureaucratic Systems and Supervision of International Trade under the Yuan DynastyAtwood, ChristopherYokkaichi3_Systems for Supervision.pdf (1138 KB)
Atwood, Christopher P. translation and commentary [manuscript]Zhang Dehui, “Notes on a Journey North of the Ranges”: translation and commentary by Christopher P. Atwood [manuscript]Atwood, ChristopherZhang.Notes on a Journey North of the Ranges.pdf (366 KB)
Funada, YoshiyukiThe Image of the Semu People: Mongols, Chinese, and Various Other Peoples under the Mongol EmpireAtwood, ChristopherFunada_Image of the Semu People.pdf (454 KB)
Cleaves, Francis WoodmanRescript of Qubilai Prohibiting the Slaughtering of Animals by Slitting the ThroatAtwood, ChristopherCleaves Qubilai Prohibiting Slaughtering of Animals.pdf (2310 KB)
Atwood, Christopher P.Turning Yuan Sources into Mongol Empire HistoryAtwood, Christopher2014.7.2.Turning Yuan Sources into Mongol Empire History_0.pdf (370 KB)
Atwood, Christopher P.Partners in Profit: Empires, Merchants, and Local Governments in the Mongol Empire and Qing MongoliaAtwood, ChristopherPartners in Profit.pdf (527 KB)
Funada, YoshiyukiThe Image of the Semu People - figureAtwood, ChristopherFunada_Image of the Semu Peoplefig.pdf (46 KB)
Atwood, Christopher P.New Approaches in Yuan HistoryAtwood, Christopher2014.7.2.New Approaches in Yuan History_0.pdf (488 KB)
Translated sources (Translated by Or Amir)Translated sources: Biographical materials related to `Ala al-Din al-FardiBiran, Michalal-Fardi for ss.pdf (232 KB)
Biran, MichalThe Mongol Middle KingdomBiran, MichalThe Mongol Middle Kingdom-nn.pdf (1543 KB)
Biran, MichalThe Mongols in Central Asia from Chinggis Khan's Invasion to the Rise of Temür: the Ögödeid and Chaghadaid realmsBiran, Michal13_Biran.pdf (2170 KB)
Matsui, DaiDumdadu Mongγol Ulus "the Middle Mongolian EmpireBiran, MichalMatsui_2009_Matsui_RachewiltzFS[1].pdf (423 KB)
Blair Sheila BibliographyBlair Sheila Blair Sheila Bibliography.pdf (293 KB)
Blair Sheila Essay - Visual SourcesBlair Sheila Blair Sheila Essay.pdf (315 KB)
Peter Jackson [translation and commentary]Dominican Friar Julianus, Epistola de vita et moribus TartarorumJackson PeterJulianus Translation jackson.pdf (335 KB)
Peter Jackson [translation and commentary]Report of Peter , Russian ‘Archbishop’, to the First Council of LyonsJackson PeterArchbishop Peter Translation jackson.pdf (227 KB)
Jackson PeterFranciscans as papal and royal envoys to the Tartars (1245-1255)Jackson PeterJACKSON, Peter, ‘Franciscans as papal and royal envoys to the Tartars (1245-1255).pdf (664 KB)
Jackson PeterWorld-conquest and local accommodation: Threat and blandishment in Mongol diplomacyJackson PeterJACKSON_peter.pdf (1209 KB)
Morten Axel Pedersen, Rane WillerslevThe Soul of the Soul Is the Body”: Rethinking the Concept of Soul through North Asian EthnographyJohan ElverskogPedersen-The Soul of the Body.pdf (411 KB)
Johan ElverskogFuzzy Pluralism: The Case of Buddhism and IslamJohan ElverskogElverskog-Fuzzy Pluralism.pdf (298 KB)
Kim, HodongThe Unity of the Mongol Empire and Continental Exchanges over EurasiaKim, HodongKim 2009_Unity of the Mongol Empire.pdf (14076 KB)
Kim, HodongKim Hodong BibliographyKim, HodongKim Hodong_Bibliography.pdf (491 KB)
Kim, HodongThe Imperial Institutions and the unity of the Mongol EmpireKim, HodongPresentation_Kim Hodong.pdf (2083 KB)
Jackson, PeterFrom Ulus to Khanate: The Making of the Mongol States c. 1220-c. 1290Kim, Hodongjacksonfull0001.pdf (1687 KB)
Liu XiaoOffical Document FormatLiu XiaoYuan Official Document Format.pdf (8182 KB)
Liu XiaoBibliography for LectureLiu XiaoBibliography - Liu.pdf (253 KB)
Liu, XiaoChinese Sources on Mongol EmpireLiu, XiaoChinese sources.pdf (4290 KB)
Reuven AmitaiSufis and Shamans: Some Remarks on the Islamization of the Mongols in the IlkhanateMorgan Davidsufis and shamans.pdf (2378 KB)
Morton A.H.The letters of Rashid al-Din: Ilkhanid Fact or Timurid fiction?Morgan Davidmortonc.pdf (2276 KB)
Melville‬‏, Charles The Keshig in Iran: The Survival of the Royal Mongol HouseholdMorgan DavidMelville keshig.pdf (511 KB)
Bert. FragnerIran under Ilkhanid Rule in a World History PerspectiveMorgan DavidFragner Iran under Ikhanid Rule.pdf (869 KB)
Allsen, Thomas Biography of a Cultural BrokerMorgan Davidallsen court0001.pdf (835 KB)
Morgan, DavidReadings List - New Directions in the Study of the IlkhanateMorgan, DavidNew Directions in the Study of the Ilkhanate - Morgan.pdf (365 KB)
Pochekaev, RomanThe Tzars of the Horde: Biographies of khans and rulers of the Golden Horde (in Russian) Pochekaev, RomanPochekaev - The Tzars of the Horde (in Russian).pdf (20916 KB)
Pochekaev, RomanThe Law of the Golden Horde (in Russian)Pochekaev, RomanPochekaev - The Law of the Golden Horde (in Russian).pdf (9773 KB)
Pochekaev, RomanNew Directions in the Study of the Golden HordePochekaev, RomanPochekaev - Presentation (2-1) Trends.pdf (2334 KB)
Pochekaev, RomanThe study of the Golden Horde in Russia: new trends and perspectivesPochekaev, RomanPochekaev - Presentation.pdf (124 KB)
Grigor'ev A. P.The Collection of khans’ yarlyks to Russian metropolitans: Source study analysis of the Golden Horde documents (in Russian)Pochekaev, RomanGrigor'ev - Khans' yarliks to Rassian Church (in Russian).pdf (11128 KB)
Pochekaev, RomanInformation on the Golden Horde in the ‘The Book of Great Khan (In Russian)Pochekaev, RomanPochekaev - The Golden Horde in the Book of Great Khan (in Russian).pdf (1515 KB)
Ulambayar Erdenebat and Ernst PohlThe Crossroads in Khara Khorum: Excavations at the Center of the Mongol EmpireRossabi MorrisThe Crossroads in Khara Khorum.pdf (882 KB)
Sivin NathanGranting the Seasons: The Chinese Astronomical Reform of 1280Rossabi MorrisNathan Sivin0001.pdf (696 KB)
Hans-George Hüttel The Search for Khara Khorum and the Palace of the Great KhanRossabi MorrisThe Search for Khara Khorum and the Palace of the Great Khan.pdf (553 KB)