Quantum (and Classical) Physics with Non-Hermitian Operators (PHHQP13)

Event date: July 12 - July 16, 2015

    Carl M. Bender (Washington University)
    Jonathan Breuer (The Hebrew University)
    Joshua Feinberg (University of Haifa)
    Miloslav Znojil (Rez, Prague, The Czech Republic)


    The scope of the proposed workshop is highly interdisciplinary, being aimed at mathematicians, theoretical physicists and experimental physicists.

    The purpose of this workshop is to bring together experienced as well as young scientists, theorists and experimentalists, who are interested in working actively on various aspects of Quantum (as well as Classical) Physics, in which non-hermitian operators play important role.

    The research activity will focus on systems described by PT-symmetric, or more generally, by quasi-hermitian Schrodinger Operators, as well as on genuinely non- hermitian systems.

    These subjects are developing rapidly, and the workshop will provide an intimate atmosphere of lively discussions and will strive to engender new and productive intra- and interdisciplinary collaborations.