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Advanced School

in Humanities  

How to apply to the Advanced School in Humanities


Open Call for Proposals
2017 Advanced School in Humanities 
The Israel Institute for Advanced Studies (IIAS) is inviting Israeli scholars in the Humanities to submit a Proposal for an Advanced School in the Humanities for 2017. The vision for the School is to invite young scholars (graduate and postdocs) to Jerusalem for a period of one to two weeks, in the presence of leading senior scholars who will provide Master Classes.  All topics in the Humanities from all Israeli universities are welcome.  
Application is done online. Deadline: June 15, 2016
EligibilityAll Israeli faculty members are welcome to apply as an Advanced School Director. We encourage the Israeli director to team up with another director (i.e. codirector) from abroad.
Key Dates: The submission deadline for the proposals is June 15, 2016. A final decision will be made no later than September 2016.

Role of School Director(s):

The Director(s) will be responsible for the academic program of the School and must be able to recruit leading academic scholars worldwide in the Humanities who will offer Master Classes in the topic presented by the School.

Participation of the main speakers of the School must be confirmed before the proposal is submitted.


Examples of Advanced Schools in the Humanities can be found at the following links:

for 2015 Jews on the Move

for 2016 Human Dignity

Budget: The IIAS provides up to $50k to cover School expenses. We encourage the School Directors to seek supplemental funds.
Administrative Issues: The IIAS is responsible for all administrative tasks, including assistance with flight arrangements, local transportation, accommodation, social events and IT support while at the IIAS.
Application: Application is done online. To apply click HERE
The following material should be uploaded with the application: 
  1. Director's CV
  2. Codirector's CV (if applicable)
  3. The detailed proposal - see explanation below
The Detailed Proposal (one file) should include
A. A Title (no more than 150 characters),
B. Dates and length of the School (please provide a minimum of two possible dates)
C. Abstract (up to 250 words)
D. Detailed proposal (up to 3 pages)
  • Rationale
  • Expectation of outcome and impact of the School on the field, including a paragraph which explains why this topic is critical for both Israeli and international academia
  • List of potential speakers and their status of confirmation. A short paragraph on each speaker (up to three lines) that presents their expertise and contribution to the School
  • Details on possible supplemental budget
  • The anticipated number of participants (with a brief explanation on how you plan to recruit the participants)
  • Your experience in organizing conferences / school  (please specify)
E.  Reviewers: please provide three names of external referees from abroad as possible reviwers of the proposal 
F.  Budget (50,000 $) should include estimation of:
  • Flights expenses
  • Housing/ Hotels
  • Daily expenses
  • Local transportation
  • Student fellowships
  • Social events
  • Other issues (manpower etc)
  • Additional Income (in addition to IIAS support)