Board of Directors and Academic Committees

Members of the IIAS Board of Directors


Yitzhak Hen              Department Of History, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 

                                    IAS Director, Chair, Board of Directors


Nili Cohen                  The Benno Gitter Chair in Comparative Contract Law The Buchmann Faculty of Law, 
                                    Tel Aviv University


Avner De-Shalit          Department of Political Science, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Oded Navon                Earth Science Institute, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Daniel R. Schwartz     Herbst Family Professor of Judaic Studies and Academic Head of the Mandel Scholion Interdisciplinary
                                    Research Center in the Humanities and Jewish Studies, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Carmela Vircillo-Franklin   Department Of Classics, Colombia University.


Harvey Fineberg   President, The Gordon And Betty Moore Foundation.





IIAS Academic Committees


Social Sciences and Humanities


Chair: Ariel Knafo-Noam             Department of Psychology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Ora Limor                          Department of History, Philosophy and Judaic Studies, The Open University


Adiel Schremer                 Department of Jewish History and Philosophy, Bar-Ilan University



Natural Sciences


Chair: Eli Tziperman               Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, and School of Engineering and

                                              Applied Sciences, Harvard University


Shimon Ullman                      Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, Weizmann Institute


Jacob Sonnenschein              Department of Physics, Tel Aviv University