Scholars from academic institutions around the world are invited to submit a proposal to the Academic Committee. The topics covered are wide ranging and diverse, representing the Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities.
Conferences are open to an academic audience, by invitation only. The duration of each conference is approximately from 2-7 days. 

Some of the conferences are sponsored solely by the IIAS.  Others are jointly sponsored with the Israel Science Foundation (ISF).  


How to Apply



Nov 16-19, 2015”ושכל יצא משכל “(Mishlé Shu’alim by Berechiah Ha-Nakdan, France 12th century): Wisdom and Moralizing Literature in a Multicultural Journey in the Middle Ages, between Oral and Written Traditions "Tovi Bibring, Revital Refael Vivante
 Nov. 2-5, 2015

Jerusalem TDE Workshop

Tsvi Piran, Re'em Sari, Tal Alexander, Iair ArcaviISF-IIAS
Sept. 3-9, 2015Getting Started with PDEsDan Mangoubi, Lenya RyzhikISF-IIAS
Oct. 11-15, 2015

Ergodic Theory, Fractals and Groups

Vitaly Bergelson, Mike Hochman, Elon Lindenstrauss, Shahar Mozes, Yuval Peres, Tamar ZieglerISF-IIAS
July 12-16, 2015

Quantum (and Classical) Physics with Non-Hermitian Operators (PHHQP13)

Carl M. Bender, Jonathan Breuer,
Joshua Feinberg, Miloslav Znojil
June 14-16, 2015Interpretation and Legal Change: A Comparative PerspectiveVered Noam, Rami ReinerIIAS
June 10-11, 2015

Galicia: Literary and Historical Approaches to the Construction of a Jewish Place

Noam Bartov, Alan Mintz

May 31-June 4, 2015

Macromolecular assemblies at the crossroads of cell stress and function

Daniel Kaganovich
May 17-20, 2015Studying Human Evolution from Ancient DNAGila Kahila Bar-Gal, Liran CarmelISF-IIAS
May 4-5, 2015

Dilemmas of Recognition in Asymmetric Conflicts

Amal Jamal, Nava SonnenscheinIIAS
April 29-30, 2015Rothschild Fellows Colloquium  IIAS
March 16-19, 2015On Faces, Bodies and Voices: Multimodal Mechanism of Person Recognition Galia Avidan, Hillel Aviezer, Yovel Galit, Tzvi Ganel  ISF-IIAS
feb. 23-26, 2015Beyond the Elite: From Texts to Societies in Medieval European CultureBaumgarten Elisheva, Galinsky JudahISF-IIAS
Feb. 16-18, 2015

Prospects of Immunity for Precision Cancer Medicine

Angel Porgador and Eitan RubinISF-IIAS
JAN. 12-14, 2015Picturing Royal Charisma in the Near East (3rd millennium BC to 1700 AD)Arlette David, Galit Noga-Banai, Rachel Milstein, Tallay OrnanIIAS
Dec. 14-19, 2014

Geometric and Combinatorial Group Theory

Zlil Sela and Michah SageevISF-IIAS
Dec. 7-12, 2014Jerusalem and the CrusadesRonnie Ellenblum, Iris Shagrir and Jonathan RubinISF-IIAS
Oct.  20-21, 2014Research Group Reunion: Neo-Aramaic Dialectology  Jews, Christians and MandaeansSteve Fassberg , Simon Hopkins , Hezy MutzafiIIAS
July 1-4, 2014The Spirit of the CityAvner de-ShalitIIAS
June 29- July  4, 2014Mobility and Transformations: New Directions in the Study of the Mongol Empire Michal Biran and Kim HodongISF-IIAS
June 23-25, 2014Prayer and Worship in Eastern Christianities, 6th to 11th CenturiesBrouria Bitton-Ashkelony and Derek KruegerIIAS
June 16-18, 2014Research Group Conference - Chinese and Tibetan Esoteric BuddhismYael Bentor and Meir ShaharISF-IIAS

June 8-11, 2014

Scripted Forms of Magic Knowledge – Grimoires in the Matrix of Western Cultures

Yuval HarariISF-IIAS
May 25-29, 2014The Pentateuch within Biblical LiteratureJan Gertz, Konrad Schmid, Baruch J. Schwartz and Dalit Rom-ShiloniISF-IIAS

May 20-22, 2014

Financial Modeling in Capital Markets

Rachel Shalom-Gilo, Zvi Wiener, Doron AvramovIIAS
May 19-21, 2014Research Group Conference - Contextualizing the Cult of the Southern LevantOren Tal and Zeev WeissIIAS
March 23-26, 2014The IIAS-PKU Workshop on "Strategies and Design Principles in Cellular Complex Systems"Michal Linial and Chao TangIIAS
March 16-21, 2014Toward the Proof of the Geometric Langlands Conjecture David KazhdanIIAS
March 1-4, 2014The First Canada-Israel Autism (ASD) Research SymposiumAsher Ornoy and Abraham FainsodIIAS
Feb. 6, 2014New Faces - New FacultyMichal LinalIIAS
Jan. 29-30, 2014Clinical and molecular aspects of primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD)Eitan KeremIIAS
Jan. 11-14, 2014Frontiers in Synaptic FunctionsIdan Segev and Micha SpiraIIAS