Event date: June 24 - June 27, 2013

    Nadav Katz (Chair) Dorit Aharonov, Hagai Eisenberg, Gil Kalai (all from The Hebrew University)


    Qstart, to take place on the 24-27th of June 2013, will celebrate the opening of the new quantum information center at The Hebrew University; no building, but a center it is, with more than 20 researchers from all related disciplines (mathematicians, physicists, CS people and also philosophers and chemists.)  To mark the opening, we will have a kickoff conference here in Jerusalem between 24-27th of June.


    The idea is to have a celebration: to gather together researchers from all aspects of quantum information science, including experimentalists, theoretical physicists, mathematicians and researchers of the foundations of QM, to give as much as possible, insightful talks that will be interesting to everyone. So, we are thinking of very high-level, not too technical but deep and conceptual talks; we are hoping to have time for other fun events such as a rump session/panel discussion, and of course, there will be half a day of tourist activities.    

    We are hoping to have an exciting event!

    See you in Jerusalem this summer!


    List of confirmed speakers

    Scott AaronsonMassachusetts Institute of Technology  (MIT)
    Yakir AharonovTel Aviv University
    Jacob BekensteinThe Hebrew University
    Hans BriegelUniversity of Innsbruck
    Edward FarhiMassachusetts Institute of Technology  (MIT)
    Daniel GottesmanPerimeter Institute 
    Patrick HaydenMcGill University
    John HowellUniversity of Rochester
    Fedor JelezkoUniversity of Ulm
    Ray LaflammeUniversity of Waterloo
    Elon LindenstraussThe Hebrew University
    Alex LubotskyThe Hebrew University
    John MartinisUC Santa Barbara
    Leonid PolterovichTel Aviv University
    Sandu PopescuUniversity of Bristol
    Jorg SchmiedmayerVienna University of Technology
    Moti SegevTechnion
    Yaron SilberbergWeizmann Institute of Science
    Ady SternWeizmann Institute of Science
    Barbara TerhalIQI, RWTH, Aachen
    Umesh VaziraniUniversity of California, Berkeley
    Thomas Vidick
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology  (MIT)
    Stephanie WehnerNational University of Singapore
    Andrew YaoTsinghua University