Quantum Effects in Biological Systems (QuEBS)

Event date: March 26 - March 30, 2017

    Noam Adir (The Technion)
    Yossi Paltiel (The Hebrew University)
    Yonatan Dubi (Ben Gurion University )
    Nir Keren (The Hebrew University )
    Adi Salomon (Bar-Ilan University )



    Quantum Effects in Biological Systems (QuEBS) 2017 will be devoted to the identification and study of quantum mechanical phenomena in biological systems. This is a newly-emerging area of interdisciplinary research encompassing physics, chemistry, biology, material science, and quantum information science.

    In this conference, we intend to explore processes at the biological quantum classical border. The importance of quantum process in wide range of biological systems including photosynthetic systems, bird navigation and olfaction will be discussed. For example, the role of dynamical quantum coherence and decoherence in biological systems. Furthermore, this conference will provide new insights for engineering artificial biomemetic systems to achieve optimal energy transport with potential applications for the development of more efficient solar cells, detectors and quantum devices. The conference will comprise both invited and contributed talks and will include opportunities for brainstorming and discussions to promote this novel research area.


    Steering Committee: 

    Prof. Nir Keren – The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel (Biology)

    Prof. Yossi Paltiel – The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel (Applied Physics, Engineering)

    Dr. Yonathan Dubi – Ben Gurion University, Israel (Theoretical Chemistry)

    Prof. Noam Adir – Technion (Protein Chemistry)

    Dr. Adi Salomon – Bar Ilan University (Material Sciences) 


    International Advisory Board:

    Martin Plenio (Ulm), Ulm University

    Richard Cogdell, Glasgow University

    Rienk van Grondelle , VU University Amsterdam

    Jianshu Cao, MIT University

    Greg Engle, University of Chicago




      Prof. Jim Al-HaliliUniversity of Surrey
      Prof. Paul BrumerUniversity of Toronto
      Prof. Robert BrunoUniversity of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
      Prof. David CahenWeizmann Institute of Science
      Prof. Jianshu CaoMIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology
      Prof. Richard CogdellUniversity of Glasgow
       Prof. Greg EngelUniversity of Chicago
      Prof. Peter HoreOxford University 
      Prof. Niek Van HulstThe Institute of Photonic Studies
      Prof. Iannis KommenisUniversity of Crete
      Prof. Ronnie KosloffThe Hebrew University of Jerusalem 
      Prof. Christoph LienauUniversity of Oldenburg
      Prof. Adi MizrahiThe Hebrew University of Jerusalem 
      Prof. Henrik MouritsenUniversity of Oldenburg
      Prof. Vladimiro MujicaArizona State University 
      Prof. Ran NathanThe Hebrew University of Jerusalem 
      Prof. Keith NelsonMIT Massachussetts Institute of Technology
      Prof. Uri PeskinTechnion, Israel Institute of Technology
      Prof. Martin PlenioUlm University 
      Prof. Naama RonWeizmann Institute of Science
      Dr. Igor SchapiroThe Hebrew University of Jerusalem
      Prof. Gabriela S. Schau-CohenMIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology
      Prof. Nigel ScruttonThe University of Manchester
      Prof. Efthimios M. C. Skoulakis BSRC Alexander Fleming
      Prof. Enrique Solano University of the Basque Country
      Prof. Yoni TokerBar-Ilan University 
      Prof. Luca TurinBSRC Alexander Fleming
      Prof. Rienk Van GrondelleVrije Universiteit Amsterdam
      Prof. K. Birgitta Whaley University of California, Berkeley
      Dr. Alon Zaslaver

      The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

      Prof. Theodore GoodsonUniversity of Michigan