The 19th Midrasha Mathematicae

"Compactness, Incompactness and Canonical Structures"

Event date: October 25 - October 30, 2015

    Peter Sarnak, General Director (IAS Princeton)
    Menachem Kojman, Codirector (Ben-Gurion University)
    Menachem Magidor, Codirector (The Hebrew University)
    Assaf Rinot, Codirector (Bar-Ilan University)
    Saharon Shelah, Codirector (The Hebrew University)


    List of Speakers:



    Mini Courses
    Péter KomjáthEötvös Loránd University
    Menachem MagidorThe Hebrew University
    W. Hugh WoodinHarvard University
    Martin ZemanUniversity of California
    Plenary Talks by Young Researchers
    Laura FontanellaThe Hebrew University
    Andrew MarksUCLA
    Diego A. MejiaTu Wien
    Diana Ojeda-AristizabalUniversity of Toronto
    Yizheng ZhuUniversity of Münster
    Plenary Talks by Local Researchers
    Ari BrodskyBar-Ilan University
    Menacham KojmanBen-Gurion University
    Saharon ShelahThe Hebrew University
    Boaz TsabanBar-Ilan University

    The aims of the “Young Set Theory Workshops” are to bring together young researchers in the domain of set theory and give them the opportunity to learn from each other and from experts in a friendly environment. A long-term objective of this series of workshops is to create and maintain a network of young set theorists and senior researchers, so as to establish working contacts and help disseminate knowledge in the field.

    Joint research workshop of the Institute of Advanced Studies and the Israel Science Foundation
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