The 31st Jerusalem Winter School in Theoretical Physics

Frontiers of Quantum Information Science

Event date: December 30 - January 9, 2014

    General Director: David Gross (UCSB)
    Director: John Preskill (Caltech)
    Codirector: Michael Ben-Or (The Hebrew University)
    Codirector: Patrick Hayden (Stanford)



    The Victor Rothschild Memorial Symposium

    30.12.2013- 9.1.2014



    Scott Aaronson


    David DiVincenzo

    RWTH Aachen University

    Daniel Harlow

    Princeton University

    Michal Horodecki

    Gdansk University

    Stephen Jordan


    Rob Myers

    Perimeter Institute

    Renato Renner

    ETH Zurich

    Ady Stern

    Weizmann Institute

    Barbara Terhal

    RWTH Aachen University

    Frank Verstraete

    University of Vienna


    Advanced graduate students and postdoctoral scholars from all over the world are invited to participate in this Winter School, which will explore the current frontiers of quantum information science. Topics to be addressed include: quantum complexity and algorithms, foundations of quantum theory, physical implementations of quantum computing, quantum error correction, topological quantum computing, quantum entanglement in many-body systems and in quantum field theory, quantum information and black holes.