Stochastic Processes in the Cell Cycle

Event date: June 13 - June 17, 2016

    Ariel Amir (Harvard University )
    Nathalie Q. Balaban (The Hebrew University)
    Naama Barkai (Weizmann Institute of Science)



    Scientific Committee
    Ariel Amir, Harvard University 
    Nathalie Q. Balaban, The Hebrew University
    Naama Barkai, Weizmann Institute of Science
    Ady Vaknin, The Hebrew University


    The process of self-replication is central to Biology. Recent experimental advances in our ability to follow, monitor and measure cell growth and division at the single-cell level enable the generation of large amounts of high-quality data. Combined with the appropriate mathematical and biophysical modeling, this has led to significant advances in our understanding of both the prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell cycle, and the field is now flourishing with numerous experimental and theoretical groups making exciting discoveries.

    For this reason, it seemed like the perfect time to bring together a group of experts in the field, theorists and experimentalists, who work on a variety of organisms, from bacteria to mammalian cells, and who use different theoretical frameworks to attempt to look for the unifying principles, to learn from each other and to share their knowledge and expertise. The workshop will host a small group of scientists from Physics, Mathematics,  Biology and Computer Science. By allowing significant amounts of time for discussions rather than talks, we hope to encourage the initiation of novel collaborations between the participants, and a real exchange of ideas across disciplines.


    List of Speakers:


    Uri Alon

    Weizmann Institute

    Ariel Amir

    Harvard University

    Nathalie Q. Balaban

    The Hebrew University

    Naama Barkai  

    Weizmann Institute

    Naama Brenner                

    Stas BurovBar-Ilan University

    Aaron Dinner    

    University of Chicago
    Johan ElfUppsala University

    Ulrich Gerland 

    Technische Universität München

    Terry Hwa           


    Roy Kishony      


    Stanislas Leibler* 

    Rockefeller University

    Yigal Meir           

    Ben Gurion University

    Andrew Murray                 

    Harvard University

    Johan Paulsson                 

    Harvard University

    Rami Pugatch  


    Lydia Robert      

    Université P&M Curie

    Boris Shraiman                  


    Peter Swain       

    University of Edinburgh

    Ady Vaknin          

    The Hebrew University

    Ned Wingreen  

    Princeton University


    *To be confirmed